Vocal Lessons

For artists, motivational speakers, voice actors, and other professions that utilize voice, vocal lessons help to expand your vocal ability and increase the longevity of your vocal performance.

Vocal lessons are most commonly linked to singers and other performing artists in which vocal style is developed by improving tone, pitch, breathing, range, projection, and performance.

Whether the interest is a serious career or just for fun, lessons are open to all ages and all levels. We offer vocal lessons for R&B, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Country, Gospel, and Blues.

All sessions are by appointment only and are once per week, unless otherwise requested. 24 hours notice is required for all rescheduling and cancellations. Failure to provide reasonable notice will result in fees.

Payment in full and in advance is required for all sessions.

Methods of payment include cash, debit or credit via PayPal or Phone, or CashApp.

Book your lesson by calling or texting us at 678-799-8496 or by clicking on the BOOK NOW button below.