During the recording process, you’ll capture sound and performance onto a shareable medium – MP3 or WAV. Recording is your chance to bring to life any song, instrument, or other audio ideas you’ve been wanting to create. We can accommodate live drums and instrumentation, voiceovers, IVR, ADR, and podcast recordings.

The time you book is yours to make sure only the best parts of your delivery are heard. Do as many takes as is necessary to make your sound perfect, or simply put some ideas onto a track to see how a future project may be performed.

We provide a Recording Engineer who will ensure you’re getting the best possible sound quality. If you have your own engineer, ask about our Studio Rental rates. Communicate any audio desires with your engineer, and he/she will help to bring your sound to life!

If you would like to book a tour or studio session with us, call or text us at 678-799-8496, or press the BOOK NOW button below.