After you’ve finished recording, get your song ready for the public by getting it mixed!

The process of mixing involves finding the right balance between vocals, instruments, and plugins. Mixing ensures that the best potential is brought out of each sound for an overall quality song.

During mixing, the engineer will level the volume of each sound, ensuring that each vocal and instrument will be heard clearly and will blend well together. The engineer will also make use of plugins to make each instrument sound its best. Sound effects and/or drops may be inserted, essentially adding more excitement to the song, which makes it more likely to connect with listeners.

Your song is NOT done after recording, and your song is NOT done after Mixing. To get the final polish needed to release a radio and television-ready song, your song must be professionally Mastered.



Mastering is the final step in successfully completing a song and/or project.

The process of mastering focuses on the overall sound of a track or album, consistency across all tracks on a project, and preparing for distribution.

Further equalization, reverb, compression, and expansion is done to give more depth to a track. The Mastering Engineer will take into consideration how each song sounds in its respective position on the project and will make adjustments to allow for smooth transitions from one track to another. The volume levels of all tracks are checked for consistency, and the Mastering Engineer will be sure to provide different versions for each platform of distribution.

After the mastering process, YOU – the artist – will be ready to plan your distribution and promotion.