About Us

Starting out as a basement setup in his parents’ house, John Richmond – owner of Rich Productions – has developed Rich Productions into a multi-faceted business.

Before opening the recording studio as it’s known today, John grew up with an interest in production as well as computers and sound-based technologies. He was constantly searching for quicker and more efficient ways to capture sound. His younger brother, Peter, played drums and also took an interest in music production. This, along with recognizing his peers’ needs for a way to record and give out music, further pushed John’s desire to improve his recording capabilities.

Peter was one of the first people to produce and engineer with John when John moved the studio to its current location at 2470 Windy Hill Road SE, Suite 428 in 2005. A team of engineers, producers, songwriters, and graphic designers made up Rich Productions, and the studio became known as a “one-stop-shop,” providing every major service an artist could need. The team would frequent local artist showcases and open mics and connect with various talent and promoters, and this proved to do well for the studio.

As the popularity of the studio grew, John decided to further his education and pursue other ventures, which would later be used to help fund the studio. His decision to take a step back, however, revealed that he was the key piece needed to keep the operation running smoothly. Unfortunately, John’s absence sent the studio into a decline, and Rich Productions went on a 7 year hiatus. When John returned ready to rebuild the name of the studio, the focus switched from music production to a primarily service-based business.

Rich Productions provides each client with a unique personal service tailored to their specific needs and goals, taking the client’s best efforts and elevating them to the next level. Clients range from large companies to independent artists and musicians, but the goal of Rich Productions remains – redefine perfection from the client’s view of perfect.