We offer in-house CD/DVD duplication at competitive prices. Get high-quality CD/DVDs with options for standard, slim jewel cases, spindle, vinyl sleeves or just bulk in shrink-wrap!  CD/DVDs in slim jewel cases are available with or without full color inserts. Most orders are ready to be ship same day or in as little as 2 to 3 business days.

  • Availability: Usually Ships in 24/48hrs depending on size of the order!
  • Get as few as 100 CD/DVDs or as many as 10,000 CD/DVDs
  • The highest quality short-run CD/DVDs packages available Industry competitive prices
  • UPS shipping for safe & efficient delivery
  • High-Quality, thermal printed or full color Direct-to-Disc printing on white or “shiny” silver CD/DVDs

For more information, please contact us  at 770.292.0858  or visit dupmycd.com

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